Visitor management &
Safety instructions

We increase your security and productivity at the same time. With our customer-oriented solutions we handle visitors, contractors, customers, employees & business partners in a smart and innovative way.

We create a unique experience for your visitors which they will remember with pleasure - that is our promise.

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Our All in One Solution Suite:

Visitor Management

Take your visitor experience to the next level
and fulfil your internal and legal processes
at the same time.

Safety Instructions

We translate internal and legal
safety instructions into the language
of your visitors & employees - simple, smart and straightforward.

CoVID & Contact Tracing

We help you to trace infection chains
quickly and easily, an important basis for
decision-making of today and in the future.

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Experience and customer focus are our basic pillars you can benefit from

Benefit from an industry-experienced team and a variety of best practices, solution-orientation and optimisation of existing processes are daily business for us.

Visitor management
  • Pre-Registration (from home or on-site)
  • Visitor Registration
  • Self service via Kiosk, Tablet or PC
  • Reporting
  • and many more...

Safety Instructions
  • Safety Instructions for individual visitor types (meetings, contractors, truck-drivers, group-visits...)
  • Doable from home or on-site
  • Self service via Kiosk, Tablet or PC
  • and many more...

CoVID & Contact Tracing
  • Registration (from home or on-site)
  • Fever Measurement
  • Access Management
  • Reporting
  • and many more...
Some of ours features

We can do everything you want, look at some features which we prepared for our you already, but there is more...

QR Code support

Print a badge or sticker with a QR code for you visitor so he can go through your gates

Scan personal ID

Store scan of you visistors ID or driver licences, you can get back to them anytime

Face time

Ask you visitors for providing actual picture, your reception will know who to expect


Keep you instruction in all possible languages you want and add any languages to any type of visits

Fully customized content

Use our editor to create content which dont break you design and is responsive, your visitors will like it

Custom workflow

Every visistor is unique, create different workflow for each type of visits. Make it easy or with hard questionnaire its up to you

Choose from On-Premise or Cloud solution, we offer both

We can adapt to your needs, hide behind your firewalls, or straigh on cloud, its up to you...


Hosted on secured cloud
  • No installation
  • Dont care about infrastructure
  • Always newest version
  • Works immediately...
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Hosted under your infrastructure
  • Behind your firewalls
  • Easy to set up
  • Install it once, use it forever
  • Upgrade when needed
Frequently asked questions

If you want to know more here is what most customers want to know, if you need more information, contact us.

Of course, if you dont need much we will prepare it within our set up package, if you want to be pixel perfect, we can join our UX team with your guys to have perfect result

Sure, multiple locations, multiple gate, mutliple kiosks, all customized to your visitors

Sure, we have many connectors and we can tailor new one just for you

Sure we can do this for you as special service. We know how safety instructions should look like and if you dont have your security team we can help you set up your processes.

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